Vida Goldstein (1869-1949). Image via Wikimedia Commons.

VIDA, an initiative of the Australian Women’s History Network, is a collaborative blog about the research and practice of feminist history, with a specific focus on gender and women’s history.

Our goal is to create an open-access blog that makes knowledge of the history of feminism, in Australia and around the world, accessible, approachable, and inspiring.

Blogs offer a chance to share your research with a public beyond academia. They expose your work to academic colleagues who might not normally access it. VIDA is intended to be an inclusive space to generate discussion and keep members connected with others’ ongoing research pursuits.

Our name – VIDA – is inspired by early-twentieth-century Australian suffragist, social reformer, and politician Vida Goldstein. In Spanish, la vida is the feminine noun for the verb vivir, and so means “life.”

Our logo and banner – designed by Managing Editor Ana Stevenson – is further informed by the efforts of the many individual activists who have organised around causes relating to women, race, gender, and sexuality in Australia and around the world.


Our thanks to Dr. Jordy Silverstein and Dr. Mary Tomsic, the convenors of the Australian Women’s History Network, for their support of this initiative. We appreciate the valuable and ongoing contribution of the authors of blog posts. Thanks also to those who have provided technical assistance to VIDA.

Many of the images used on VIDA blog, including the composite images featured in our banner, are reproduced courtesy of the Creative Commons Attribution of Wikimedia Commons. The provenance of other images will be identified on an individual basis.

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