Issue 25, 2019

Table of Contents


Women’s Rights, Women’s Lives p. 1-3

Georgina Rychner and Hannah Viney


The Jury of Matrons: Their Role in the Early Modern English courtroom p. 4-22

Jane Bitomsky

‘Politics of Purity’: Venereal Disease Legislation and the Melbourne Home Front, 1939-1945 p. 23-36

Danielle Broadhurst

Free Wives of Convicts Under the Gaze of Microhistory: An Alternate Approach p. 37-49

Laura Donati

Problem Bodies and Queer Legacies: Rethinking Approaches to Trans History in the Case of Harry Crawford, Sydney, 1920 p. 50-62

Robin Eames

The ‘Fury’: The Case of an Activist Woman of Lyon in 1792-1793 p. 63-75

Julie Johnson

Intersectional Feminist Friendship: Restoring Colour to the Second-Wave Through the Letters of Florence Kennedy and Germaine Greer p. 76-92

Rebecca Sheehan

History by doing: Reclaiming Indigenous Women’s Sovereignty Through Embodied History p. 93-106

Jodie Stewart

Book Reviews:

Gender and the Great War p. 107-108

Rachel Harris

Mary Lee: the Life and Times of a ‘Turbulent Anarchist’ and Her Battle for Women’s Rights p. 109-110

Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Notes on Contributors

p. 111