Issue 3, 1986

Women in the Labour Force

Introduction pp.2-3


The ‘Other’ Workers: Women and Work in Australia Over the Past Twenty Years. pp. 4-25

Helen Prendergast

Interview with Freda Glynn. pp. 26-44

Julie Wells

Sara Lewis: Trade Union Activist 1901-1918. pp. 45-60

Melanie Raymond

Woman as Helpmeet: The Husband-Wife Relationship in Renaissance Florence. pp. 61-78

Natalie Tomas

Book Reviews:

The Force of the Feminine by Margaret Anne Franklin. pg. 83

Anne Sells

The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud by Peter Gay. pg. 86

Penny Russell

Booknotes: pp.90-94

Yesterday’s Daughters: Stories of Our Past by Women Over 70, ed. Alma Bushell

‘Who Listens When Women Speak? The Struggle for Feminist Critique within Australia’ by Cheryl Hannah, in Intellectual Suppression: Australian Case Histories, eds. Brian Martin and others

Australian Mothers Then and Now: An Anthology Selected by Nancy Keesing, ed. Nancy Keesing

The Governesses: Letters from the Colonies, by Patricia Clarke

News and Notices: pp.95-101

“Canberra Women’s Archives”

Sally Speed