Issue 8, 1993

Lilith Conference ‘Dealing With Difference: Feminism and Ethnicity’ Papers (held 22nd November 1992 @ Melbourne University)

Editorial Alison Bashford, Cathy Colebourne, Catriona Elder, Di Hall, Sara Knox, Lee-Ann Monk, Adele Murdolo, and Fiona Paisley pp. 7-9


The Politics of Irreducible Differences. pp. 10-31

Snjeja Gunew

Theorizing Ethnicity in Australian Feminism. pp. 32-40

Georgina Tsolidis

From ‘Universalism’ to ‘Unity in Diversity’: Feminists’ Responses to the Intersections of Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality. pp. 41-52

Maria Pallota-Chiarolli

Institutionalised Feminism: A Tidda’s Perspective. pp. 53-59

Catrina Felton and Liz Flanagan

Defying the Ethnographic Ventriloquists: Race, Gender, and the Legacies of Colonialism. pp. 60-70

Jackie Huggins and Kay Saunders

The World According to Effie. pp. 71-81

Maria Katsabanis and Adele Murdolo

Brides, Wives, and Single Women: Gender and Immigration. pp. 82-113

Srebrenka Kunek

“It was hard for us to marry Aboriginal”: Some Meanings of Singleness for Aboriginal Women in Australia in the 1930s. pp. 114-138

Catriona Elder

‘Don’t Tell England!’: Women of Empire Campaign to Change Aboriginal Policy in Australia Between the Wars. pp. 139-152

Fiona Paisley

Conference Reflections:

Reflections of Lilith. p. 153

Jacki Huggins

Comment. p. 159

Marilyn Lake

Response to the Lilith Feminist History Conference. p. 162

Sarah Lowe and Anita Langford

Book Reviews:

Beyond the Pale: Women, Racism, and History by Vron Ware. pp. 164

Fiona Paisley

Contributors p. 169