2019 Symposium

AWHN Symposium 2019: ‘The Female Frame: Biopolitics and Wellbeing in Australian and Global Perspective’

2019 Australian Women’s History Network Symposium
2 October 2019
University of Western Australia

Keynote plenary panel speakers: Professor Tanya Fitzgerald and Emerita Professor Ann Curthoys

AWHN Symposium 2019 final program

The Australian Women’s History Network 2019 Symposium will focus on the female frame and contemporary approaches to wellbeing in local and global perspective.

We use the phrase “female frame” as a catalyst for discussion on the way bodies are socially constructed and gendered. Our focus stretches from the individual subject to the national body, and we place these bodies alongside biopolitics and wellbeing to open a conversation around legacy and impact.

Participants are encouraged to consider this topic from multiple perspectives – aesthetic and economic, physical and psychological, colonial, legal, political and historical – and to consider the question of how the female frame can be a function, source, and signifier of change and growth both within Australia and globally.

Call for Papers (now closed)

This is a cross-sector symposium and our aim is to draw academic and professional sectors into conversation. We hope to present an intellectually stimulating opportunity to showcase research and springboard future collaborations. We invite presentations that will promote thoughtful discussion, and encourage presenters to suggest innovative and creative methods of presentation, including panel presentations, full panels, roundtables, workshops, performances, film showings, and conversations.

Please send expressions of interest to present at the conference to auswhn@gmail.com using the subject heading ‘2019 Symposium’ by 1 June 2019.